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4 Highly Worthwhile Reasons to Use an Integrator for Your Robotics System

By Wauseon Machine 2020 Automation, Robotics, Manufacturing, Integration


Whether your goal is to reduce manpower, decrease waste, increase productivity, or achieve a higher level of precision and quality within your manufacturing operation, effectively leveraging a robotics system is a smart way to position your company for success. Nonetheless, there’s no denying that designing and building this type of system is a complex process, regardless of the industrial robot’s actual size or specifications. 

Truthfully, carrying out a safe and lucrative robotics integration plan often requires a great deal more than the efforts of an in-house engineer. 

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Robotics vs. Fixed Automation in Manufacturing Environments

By Wauseon Machine 2020 Automation, Robotics, Manufacturing


The manufacturing industry has undergone immense transformation in the last few decades, propelled largely by the ongoing advancement of automation opportunities. In fact, technology is quickly refashioning how manufacturing companies operate their entire businesses. 

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